After enjoying a delicious Chinese buffet lunch with my girls on a “Daddy date” one lazy afternoon, I received some uncanny fortune cookie wisdom:


“Opportunities multiply as they are seized, they die when neglected.”


This initially struck me as eerily discerning given my particular circumstances at the time. After some contemplation however, it became clear to me that wisdom is little more than simplicity and common sense that often gets lost in the complexity of our modern lives. There is nothing earth-shattering about this Chinese Proverb; it is merely a simply stated truth. On further reflection, I recognized that this sort of common sense simplicity is exactly what I wanted this website to be about.


Most of us are busy. We have career responsibilities, family, friends, community and faith-based endeavors, affinity organizations and of course the unexpected events that life brings from time to time. Becoming experts in economics for those not so inclined is an unlikely reality.


Yet current events has great impact on our lives and all of the responsibilities and commitments on our plates. It effects our living standard; the cars we drive, the homes we live in, the schools we attend, the level of charity we can contribute and overall, the quality of our lives.


My goal in founding this website was to add my voice to the traditional American movement by providing interpretation and analysis of current events that can be shared and promoted organically across the social fabric of our nation.

And thus our mission statement:


“To promote traditional American values in the face of a metastasizing popular culture devoid of the virtues and values that made us the greatest nation on earth.”


My hope is that the material we offer provides a manageable way to stay informed, get involved and act to Make America Great Again.


Founder, the Traditional American Blog


Bethlehem Pennsylvania

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