Walking is Healthy, Walking is Fun!

September 12, 2004


Walking in St. George Utah is both a healthy habit and just plain fun. The City of St. George and Washington County, UT have built many miles of paved walking paths throughout the city. These paths are convenient and provide an aesthetically rewarding walking experience.


If your health is important to you, you may want to consider the many health benefits derived from walking. According to a New England Journal of Medicine study(1), retired, non-smoking men age 61 to 81 who walk at least 2 miles a day have a mortality rate 1/2 of those who walk less than a mile a day. The implication of these findings and the relative ease of access to exceptional walking experiences here in St. George should have you itching to get away from your computer and out on those trails to walk!

Proper walking gear is important for your comfort and safety. In particular, caring for your feet by investing in a quality pair of walking shoes will reap miles of returns in your legs and lower back. A pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses and a hat are also essential in the summer months. Loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt are great in the summer months. In the winter, a comfortable pair of sweat pants and a fleece outfit typically provides an appropriate level of comfort and flexibility.

St. George Utah enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year. The average winter daytime high is 54 degrees which allows for walking year round. In the summer, temperatures can rise into the triple digits. In July the daytime high averages 102 degrees. Fortunately, the humidity levels are normally very low in St. George. Walking in the summer months is best done in the early morning or right after sunset. Exposure to the afternoon heat can be very dangerous if you are not properly hydrated and protected from the sun's intensity.

1 New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 338:94-99, Number 2, January 8, 1998.

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