Increased Reporting on “Bad Cop” Violence

June 21, 2015


Have you noticed an increase of "bad cop" incidents reported by the mainstream media since Ferguson? Did you ever consider removing yourself from reacting (emotionally) to this “programming” long enough to ask yourself WHY?


Try to ask some emotionally unattached objective questions such as:

Has there been a significant increase of these incidents? While I don't have any empirical evidence to support my response to that question - my common sense tells me it is unlikely.


If there has not been any increase that would be considered outside of normal deviation - what would be the reason (motive) behind increased reporting on these incidents?


If the general population were to watch a substantial increase in reporting of these incidents – what would be the expected response by the public?

If the public and the police become increasingly distrustful of each other (together the masses) and are for all intents and purposes at (cold) war with each other - who would benefit from such a distraction?


The mass media is NOT the friend of the masses. I don't care if you're a right wing Fox News fan or a left wing MSNBC fan - you are being manipulated. These opposing viewpoints are being used to create disapproval, disdain and distrust with your fellow Americans – your neighbors.


The fact that this country is so evenly and closely divided along these two ideological lines is not coincidental and speaks to an enormously successful divide and conquer campaign by the powerful who control the mass media outlets, the corporations, the corporate lobbying interest, big oil, big pharma, big agriculture, world banking, the military industrial complex and national and world politics.


The Democrat or Republican who lives across the street is NOT your enemy. The Police are not your enemy. These people are not the boogeymen those in power want you to believe – they are your neighbors and share the same struggles and want the same good things for their kids that you do.


It's time to turn off your TV and wake up. Stop allowing these talking head puppet of the powerful (who absolutely do not have you or your kid's best interests in mind) to elicit and insight anger towards your neighbors who have FAR more in common with you on a daily basis than Sean Hannity or Rachael Maddow, George Soros, The Koch Brothers or David Rockefeller.


Learn who your real enemy is and stop allowing the brainwashing mind control effects of television to distract you and subconsciously lure you into believing that your neighbor is your enemy. They are NOT.

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