Faith in God and Intelligence Are Not Mutually Exclusive

March 10, 2018

To quote a Kiefer Sutherland line from A Few Good Men, “I believe in God and in his Son Jesus Christ”. I believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God. All my values are derived from and weighed against these primary beliefs.


Unfortunately, because of a confused or overly simplistic understanding of my first paragraph, it is likely that I may have already said enough for some to close this page and never visit again. That's unfortunate. While I have been labeled “right-wing” or “religious extremist” both of those labels are inaccurate and the specifics of that truth may surprise you if you read on.


First and foremost, being a person of faith does not negate intellect any more than being a liberal negates patriotism (a premise I categorically reject). In fact, I believe it takes far more faith to believe the entire universe came into existences from nothing with an uninitiated “big bang” than it does to believe, as the Bible explains, that God created the world and the universe it calls home.


Secondly, While I certainly believe in the resurrection power of Christ, I don’t believe that because I am a Christian I am somehow more morally sound than someone with a drug and alcohol problem, someone involved in a less-than-Biblical sexual relationship or maybe someone cheating his employer by stealing supplies or leaving early. That’s because I know I am no better, I have done all of those things myself and I am sure far worse.


My faith tells me that I (like everyone else on the planet) am a sinner and fall far short of God’s standard of perfection (Romans 3:23). I am in desperate need of a savior. I’m just as imperfect and corrupt as the next guy. The one and only difference between me and someone without Christ is that Jesus has seen fit to call me to himself. I have received faith in the one who was perfect, and who took upon himself all my sin and corruption. He (Jesus – God incarnate) suffered the punishment I deserved in my place. This gift of grace from God requires nothing from me but belief in what he has freely provided. It has taken me close to twenty years to understand the freedom that comes from this.



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