News, Lies and Video Tape - The Nathan Phillips Saga Continues

January 21, 2019

If I were given just one opportunity to place one idea that breaks through all the noise and penetrates all mental resistance barriers and becomes firmly planted directly into the sub-conscious of all people, it would be to asseverate that the "information" you get from watching television or reading ANY mainstream media source is NOT intended to inform you with truth but rather to mold your viewpoint through carefully crafted, repetitive messages which condition your mind and plant a belief system which is not aligned with your own.



Have you seen the image above? What have you been told happened? If you read the New York Times, the headline stated, "Boys in 'Make American Great Again' Hats Mob Native Elder at Indigenous Peoples March". The suggestion is that this group of unruly high school MAGA hat-wearing kids mocked and bullied this man. From the video that was "selected" to present to the public, it could certainly lead the viewer to believe that was what happened. But is that really what happened?


As more videos have surfaced, the evidence now suggest that is not what actually happened at all. Thanks to the wonder of cell phone cameras and video, it is becoming increasingly hard for the purveyors of propaganda to perpetuate their poisonous postulations. Take a look at this video which shows the native man walking into the situation and getting right up close to the crowd of boys:



So what's the take away here? If the news tells us something happened when it clearly didn't, what is the purpose of this "news" they presented to millions of people? What is the narrative we are asked to believe? What is the result the message is expected to achieve? Who would benefit if you were to believe the story they are telling you?


On the surface, it would appear the message of this story line is that these boys wearing the MAGA hats are shameful bullies and this is a fair and accurate representation of all people who support The President. If you wear a MAGA hat you are an intolerant and abhorrent human being.


However, if take your thinking a layer deeper, you'll see this as a stirring of the pot, provoking both Trump supporters and leftist, inspiring further hatred and contempt for the opposing point of view. This is instigation. This is division.

There is a war on for you mind, for your will, and the war is relentless and unending. It is in the "news". It is in pop culture. It is in Hollywood and the film industry. It is in the primary and secondary public schools. It is 98% of the post-secondary schools. It has even crept into sports and the offices where you work. It is pervasive and it will affect you and condition you. It already has. It has conditioned you to believe that articles like the one you are reading are written by fringe dwelling "conspiracy theorists" who spread dangerous ideas which should be ridiculed and dismissed. If the message does not align and conform to popular culture, it should be dismissed with contempt.


Think about this. No matter which point of view you take away from this incident, you are likely to distrust and malign those holding the opposing viewpoint. What does that tell you? Who would benefit from that result?


The purpose of the "news" is not to inform you. It is NOT to inform you. Its primary purpose is to condition how you think about the world, to conform your beliefs to align with an alternative reality and remove your ability to think critically and independently.


I would leave you with this thought; do you want to consistently expose yourself to lies which you know are intended to induce certain behaviors that may not align with your own belief system? Open your eyes and expect to be deceived. Question everything that finds its way in front of you. Watch, listen and read all "news" with a suspicious filter.

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